Dalai Lama and Red China

If Red China wants to show a good face to the world, why don’t they seize this opportunity and meet with the Dalai Lama? Best PR they could get.

2 Responses to Dalai Lama and Red China

  1. jooseph says:

    Red China does not care about their “face” to the world. The new capitalists are making the money and have newfound power. Why would they change anything? The amjority only know poverty and have no power. They don’t count to the Red Menace

  2. BuzzLOL says:

    .. Yes, the Chinese already know that the Dalai Lama represents a psychotic perverted version of Bhuddism patterned after highly profitable Catholicism so that more money can be made from it than is made from conventional traditional Bhuddism… it’s up to the Lama to change and fit into China… or stay out…

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