Parliament of the World’s Religions

A Parliament of the World’s Religions is taking place in Melbourne, starting Dec 3rd, 2009. His Holiness Dalai Lama is the keynote speaker at the conference, and the film, Not In God’s Name is featured in the program. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Joseph Prabhu, Ph. D. will be on the discussion panel following the screening with Paula Fouce.

Here is a link to the site:


2 Responses to Parliament of the World’s Religions

  1. Anne Miller says:

    I just ordered the DVD Not in God’s Name and cannot wait to see it. I heard about the Melbourne conference from Joe and wish I could have been there.

    Paula is so RIGHT ON that this is NOT HOW God wants us to be with war, torture and the EGO that says MY WAY is RIGHT.

    I hope more people can change their thinking and ways. I bought this for my 16 year old daughter who finds frustration with Christian and Catholics fighting or details!! She wants to be a budhist!

  2. J. Gardner says:

    We need unity. We need cultural bridges. We need to celebrate our differences. It is bad for everyone to continue killing, wars and manipulation of gods word to inspire anyone to hurt themselves or anyone/anything else. Despite differences we all have so much in common. Just look at your own family. If you took your family anywhere in the world you would look to the locals to help you and your family live and survive. You would realize exactly how we are just like everyone else. All of our own personal differences are such minuscule details that in the big picture they are not important. We all have way more in common than we realize. The purpose of life is to live and love. It really is that simple. If you doubt it at all go do something for someone else and see for yourself how much you are connected to everyone else. See how you feel good when you help someone else.

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