Paradise Filmworks produces unique films on faiths and cultures of the world that inspire and inform.

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  1. Kent Gibson says:

    After seeing this film, one gets a feeling for what the Dali Lama is really all about. Anyone would be foolish and wrong to think this Holy man could be capable of fomenting violence. His mission on earth is indeed to heal the wounds of diverse nations and religions. Filmmaker Paula Fouce has gone to the root of what should be an earth consciousness.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Just watched “Song of the Dunes” and as ever it is another of Paula’s great films. She shows what life is really like amongst the musicians of Rajasthan, and their plight. I’ve travelled a great deal in the area where the filming was done, and have enjoyed their music during performances. It’s a very worthwhile film and I highly recommend it.

  3. Wilson says:

    Everyone of us doesn’t need a Yogi or what holy man to know God. We can know God directly.

    I have been enjoying a great ride of intimacy with God and I spend time talking to Him daily, while listening to what He has to say.

    Everyone of us has equal privilege to know God personally. It’s just a matter of choice, whether we want to seek Him or not.


    • parfil says:

      Yes, isn’t it wonderful.. The holy men are only here to show us the
      way, or give us a nudge on the Path.. But God is already within us all.

  4. Devika says:

    It is so wonderful to know there are people desiring to seek God within. Some need guidance hence follow Yogis,Gurus,teachers. Faith in ones self is the basis for the faith in God.

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