Spirituality in 2008

Dr. Modi, president of Maha Bodhi society, asks for Indian citizenship for the Dalai Lama who agreed to become an Indian citizen. If the Dalai Lama gets citizenship, it would end the conflict on the Tibet issue, says Dr. Modi. http://northernlines.in/2008/04/17/dr-bk-modi-demands-indian-citizenship-for-the-dalai-lama/

7 Responses to Spirituality in 2008

  1. parfil says:

    Any motion to allow the Dalai Lama to go back to Tibet is long overdue. The non-violent struggle he has led for the Tibetan people is remarkable. I hope the spotlight the Olympics shine on China will force them to improve their human rights activities. CNN said Monks in Lhasa who demonstrated were just sentenced to life imprisonment!

  2. jooseph says:

    Will there be more films that include the Dalai Lama from Paradise Filmworks? He is important, and their films are beautiful.

  3. parfil says:

    It is so inspiring to think that a human being living among us can always keep turning the other cheek like this. the Dalai Lama is infinitely kind.

  4. parfil says:

    Maria Florio and Tory Mudd’s film, TIBET, CRY OF THE SNOW LION, really explains the historical situation of Tibet.

  5. Paula says:

    A Parliament of the World’s Religions is taking place in Melbourne next week. His Holiness Dalai Lama is the keynote speaker at the conference, and the film, Not in God’s Name is featured in the program. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Joseph Prabhu, Ph D will be on the discussion panel following the screening with Paula Fouce.

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